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For such a situation, create a global index, as follows: ALTER TABLE trans ADD CONSTRAINT pk_ trans PRIMARY KEY ( trans_ id) USING INDEX global; If the index is global, the index can become unusable when you drop the partition. If you would like to drop the partition but keep its data in the table, the Oracle partition must be merged into one of the adjacent partitions. 2] : How To Drop Partition Update Global Indexes From Different Schema In 10g DB? ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION allows you to drop a partition and its data. The following statements provide an example of dropping partition dec98 from the sales table, then rebuilding its global nonpartitioned index.

Issue the ALTER TABLE DROP PARTITION statement without maintaining global indexes. However, the UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES clause may be used with DROP PARTITION, TRUNCATE PARTITION, and EXCHANGE PARTITION operations to keep the global indexes on index- organized tables usable. Oct 02, · Hi, If time taking to rebuild index is a constraint then i would 1) Create a local index for unique keys too ( if i have to duplicate columns i would since i do not have any other option) OR 2) I would not use update global index but a) Drop the partition index ( without update global index) b) Rebuild the partition index with parallel( the degree. If global indexes are defined on. In Part I, we looked at some of the issues associated with locking and unusable indexes when Moving both tables and table partitions.

For the remaining operations in the above list, global indexes on index- organized tables. Oracle Database - Enterprise Edition - Version 10. But after bartition the optimizer can not chose the correct partition so i think may be i miss something must to do but i didn' t, to know this table has more than 52 index. Oracle Database Tips by Donald Burleson.

In Oracle Database 12c Release 2 ( 12. In this case, the index entries of a partition of the table may exist outside the corresponding partition of the index. We had to rebuild each local partition after the operation. 2) the SPLIT PARTITION and SPLIT SUBPARTITION operations on heap tables can be performed online so they don' t block DML. The DROP PARTITION TABLE UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES fails with " ORA- 01031: insufficient privileges" in 10. But when the operation performs the index update as it drops the partition, it puts stress on. Alter table abc drop partition part1 update global indexes; But If I break the query into 2 parts and rebuilt indexes with ONLINE option separately, DML queries DOES NOT get blocked while indexes. Oracle Drop Partition tips.

Sep 20, · But notice that the local index has not been spared from being marked unusable. The Oracle 12c Database has introduced a number of great new. This is done by the addition of the ONLINE keyword, which also causes local and global indexes to be updated without having to specify the UPDATE INDEXES clause. SURAPR_ BG ALTER ANY TABLE NO SURAPR_ BG CREATE SESSION NO. You might be thinking that only having UPDATE GLOBAL INDEXES was a hence a waste of time, but don’ t forget that some partition operations, such as DROP and TRUNCATE do not impact local indexes, so updating the global index entries is all.

Alter table trans drop partition y13m12 update indexes; This keeps global indexes usable, but the command takes as much time as the index update, which is significant. Alter table drop partition update global indexes online. Afterward, you must rebuild any global indexes ( whether partitioned or not) because the index ( or index partitions) has been marked UNUSABLE.
Oracle Drop Partition. Online SPLIT PARTITION. Hi Tom I have a big table contains 15 million record and do partition by range on date column this column has index befor partition. Jul 09, · 12c Online Partitioned Table Reorganisation Part II ( Move On) January 15, Posted by Richard Foote in 12c, Move Partitions, Oracle Indexes, Update Indexes Online.

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