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I do not know where the updates are stored in Vista on my pc? And I know windows update files downloaded at this location : c: \ windows\ SoftwareDistribution so Skip to main content. Nov 05, · Windows will automatically try to use a different drive if your system drive is full, but with a few steps, you can also force Windows to download updates somewhere else. Windows 10 update download folder. Follow the steps in this guide to move the Windows Update. Delete Downloaded Windows Update Files in Windows 10. The folder where the downloaded files from windows update are located is: C: \ Windows\ SoftwareDistribution\ Download There you' ll find different folders with the downloaded files by windows update : ). Then go to the following sections: computer config- > admin. How to change windows 10 updates download location. How To Pin Downloads Folder To Taskbar In Windows 10. Jul 11, · I need to save the SP1 but I want to save it in the same folder as windows updates. Oct 01, · Optionally, you can move all the folders in the SoftwareDistribution_ old folder to the new Windows 10 update download location you’ ve created earlier so that Windows Update doesn’ t have to re- download things it had downloaded earlier again.

In search field type GPO ( and go to the group policy editor) 2. Jul 09, · I want to upgrade my windows 10 to a newer build but I haven' t enough space on my system drive at all. By default, Windows will store any update downloads on to your main drive, this is where Windows is installed, in the C: \ Windows\ SoftwareDistribution folder.

So I cant rename this folder and I cant symlink this folder in. Any suggestions finding the location. How to Delete Downloaded Windows Update Files in Windows 10. If you don’ t copy them over, Windows Update will download all over again instead. May 03, · folder location for windows updates. Since MS has made all updates to go through MS- Store, instead of an actual website, in theory on Windows 10 taking the following steps: 1.

Script to change the location of Documents folder in Windows 7. May 15, · In case you are not able to download Windows Update because of low space on the C drive, you can change where Windows 10 download updates.

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