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Windows assigns a number to all hard disks, solid state disks, USB drives, and card readers, so don’ t be surprised if you have to scroll down a bit– in our case the new drive was “ Disk 10” as seen below. Jun 20, · As you can see, there is new " local disk ( G: ) ". New features in recent Windows updates will help you manage your time, increase security, and get more creative with Windows 10. With this update, it' ll be easier to get things done on your PC and across your other devices, including syncing to Android phones ( 7.

I am told that installing this hotfix enables the option. It appear after windows 10 april update. If you have bought a new/ used laptop and did some disk partitions you may come through this kind of unknown or alien local disk drive appearing in the drives list. Aug 08, · After installing the Windows 10 April Update ( version 1803), one or more drive partitions that would normally be hidden may be assigned a drive letter and appear in File Explorer and Disk Management. NEW TECHNOLOGIES THAT WILL BLOW YOUR MIND. C: and D: Now after the update I have E: which is an OEM Partition.

Some people notice after upgrading to Windows 10 April Update, that there is a new partition ( recovery partition with Windows PE). Jun 12, · Shows you how to fix a problem after a Windows 10 update which causes a Recovery drive to appear in explorer and a low disk message to appear. 1, after update and suddenly appear a new drive. Jul 03, · These disks will be labeled “ Disk 1” through however many disks you have. This is one of the rarest issue you might have faced using Windows Operating System. The System drive appear after I update the window, and I unable to find the drive at the Disk Management. Windows update new disk appear. How do I make the drive disappear/ hide.

However, I had removed the old version of Windows already ( using Disk Cleanup | Clean up system files). This is basically to be used for Recovery but occupies significant space. However, there is no " Windows Update Cleanup" option in my Disk Cleanup dialog. I' m trying to get rid of the excessive files inside the winsxs folder. There is space filled within the partition but when I click inside there are no files.

I downloaded the new update to windowsand I used to have only two Hard Disk Drivers. This forum post describes the situation:. But a few readers have reported that they can' t get the new feature update in their Windows 10. May 16, · I just updated my Windows 10 and now there is a new partition on my HDD. With the latest ( April ) Windows 10 update, I' ve had a couple computers end up with a new drive D: which was originally just a partition ( probably recovery) with no drive letter associated. The unknown drive mostly will. This simple workaround may. May 04, · After installing Windows 10 v1803 April Update, some users have reported that they see an extra Partition on the Disk. I have checked the boxes to show hidden files but still cannot see anything. Why is “ Windows Update Cleanup” missing from my Disk Cleanup? And Windows 10 starts with annoying notifications, that the disk is full.
Problem is every few minutes, I get a notification saying its runnin. Due to the fact, that a drive letter is assigned, the logical drive will be shown in explorer. It' s a 450MB OEM partition originally, with no drive letter. Page that the feature update will not appear in your Windows 10 computer if it' s been less than 31 days since. Jun 07, · Hi all, I have an issue.

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