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Julia Albu celebrates the start of her solo car trip across Africa. Albu set off on her road trip on 13 June and will be detailing her adventures on social media. Health Update August 12, Mum returned to Cape Town on the 25th July having got Tracy ready for shipping to Egypt, which is an entire Blog on its own, feeling simply terrible. 6, 359 likes · 3 talking about this. Together they are 100% ready. Jun 14, · South African grandmother Julia Albu is putting younger explorers to shame, embarking on a car journey across Africa.

( UPDATE: if you' re on old Julia, e. The most trivial way of upgrading Julia is to go to the download page and manually install corresponding binaries. 30 June: 19 By Suthentira Govender. 6), you could easily reinstall your old packages by the following steps. Julia albu update. 80- year- old Julia Albu embark on a. Oct 05, · How to upgrade Julia: Windows & MacOS & Linux.

Together they are 100% ready to take on the continents of Africa and Europe in a grand tour from Cape Town to London. Julia Albu will be 80 years old, her faithful Toyota Conquest, 20. My African Conquest. Jun 30, · Cape Town granny plans epic African trip in her trusty Corolla. 6) If you' re going to upgrade Julia to a new minor version( e.

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